Mahaloha Burger

Signature burger, signature sauce.

Loco Moco Burger

A loco moco, with buns.

Turkey Burger

Like a burger, but Turkey. Get it?

Avocado Swiss Burger

Fresh avocados. Delicious & healthy

Chicken Avocado Swiss

If your in the mood for chicken.

Veggie Burger

For the herbivores out there.

Blue Cheese Bacon

Blue cheese & bacon. Perfect combo.

Mushroom Burger

Mushrooms are a burger’s best friend.

Teriyaki Burger

Hawaiians like it sweet!

Salmon Burger

A healthier option.

Chicken Katsu Burger

A twist on a local favorite.

Banzai BBQ Burger

A blast of flavor.


Beef Hot Dog

A classic hot dog.

Polish Sausage

Beefier than your classic dog.

Chili Cheese Dog

Chili, cheese.. perfect.

Sauerkraut Dog

A little something extra for your dog.

Cheese Dog

Mmmm, cheeese!


French Fries

A burger’s best friend.

Onion Rings

Better than raw onions.

Sweet Potato Fries

Healthier than your typical fry.

Caesar Salad

The same one Caesar loved.

House Salad

But it’s not on the house.